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Metolius Capital is a Commodity Trading Advisor serving the investment needs of institutional investors, family offices, and qualified private investors. Our team strives to provide clients with access to alternative investments to further expand their portfolios. With over 75 years of combined experience in futures trading, our investment team is constantly evolving and working to develop our trading models.

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Metolius trades across a multitude of futures markets, all chosen for their transparency, liquidity and high regulation:
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Monthly Letters

September 2021 Performance Update

The Metolius Enhanced Fund returned +0.44% in September.

August 2021 Performance Update

The Metolius Enhanced Fund lost -2.93% in August. Bond and currency trading had the heaviest losses and stock indices were a bright spot.

July 2021 Performance Update

The Metolius Enhanced Fund lost -1.10% in July. Stock index and currency trading showed the largest losses.

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Our Expert Team

Our team of investment professionals has over 75 years of combined experience.

Tom Mazza


Ross Crotinger

Head of Trading

Lawson McWhorter, CFA

Head Of Research

Michael Giambarberee, CPA


John Bajusz

Quantitative Research Analyst

Michael Loftus

Business Development/Execution

Karen Brosnan

Compliance / Office Admin

Tom Mazza

Tom Mazza managed a team of proprietary traders and quantitative analysts in an office outside Chicago developing, testing, and trading systematic and fundamental models.

In his 35 years of trading his own account, Tom has traded in excess of 85 million futures contracts.

Prior to 2000, Tom worked on the floor of the CBOT, developing his own unique methodology of trading, both in the US 5 year pit (where he often accounted for more than 2% of the exchange volume), but also trading across most other markets.

Tom began his career at the Mid-Am Exchange in 1987 and subsequently moved onto the CBOT in 1990.

Tom received his Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1987.